• Assistance and advice in incorporation of the business presence of the legal entity as a foreign investment in Bulgaria, legal advice and representation upon licensing procedures for national broadcast operator, including representation before the Supreme Administrative Court upon challenging of the license;
  • Provision of day-to-day legal services related to the standard operation of the television, including but not limited to drafting of and advising on all type of commercial contracts necessary for the proper operation of the broadcasting channel for instanceĀ agreements with cable TV channels, Completion Guarantees, Copyright issues, Cross-media ownership, Development agreements,

Directors’ agreements, Discounting Sales/Distribution advances, Film Funds, Film, TV & Video Finance, Production and Distribution, Interactive media, Internet/New Media Issues, Performers’ contracts, Production Deals, Merchandising, Rights acquisitions, Sale & Leaseback deals, Satellite and Transponder Agreements, Sponsorship, Union/Guild agreements, Writer’s agreements, etc., supporting the relationships with other participants in the telecommunication business, corporate law advice and legal assistance of the company in its capacity of employer and assignor of services, support and legal provision of co – productions and attraction of external productions;

  • Participation in legislative process related to creation of contemporary Bulgarian legislation in the field of telecommunications and in compliance with the requirements of the EU applicable legislation, through participation in different committees with the Parliament and with the state regulator body, i.e. Electronic Media Board.
  • Legal advice and presentation of legal opinions on different aspects of commercial contracts of the legal entities, having main scope of business in the fields of media, telecommunications and entertainment, representations in negotiations with counterparties, etc.
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