In recent years we have developed serious specialization in the field of chemicals. One of our main clients is manufacturing mineral fertilizers and chemical products of natural gas.

We advise our clients on:

  • any aspect of production and trade with chemical products
  • processing of natural gas and electric energy
  • international agreements for supply of gas and other materials, etc.
  • referral of their claims before the insolvency court
  • drafting and advising concerning recovery plans, adopted by the court and encashment procedures and protected their interest in the court procedures against the insolvency

We have strong expertise in insolvency proceedings of enterprises of this type from the commencement until finalization through any of the procedural stages.

We work with a range of companies that manufacture, process, distribute and use chemical substances.

The practice area is subject to increasing number of statutory requirements, not only in Bulgaria, but worldwide as well.

Therefore we advise our clients on:

  • enforcement and implementation of Ordinance on the conditions and the manner of storage of dangerous chemical substances and compounds issued by the Council of Ministers’ decree â„– 152 from 30.05.2011, etc.
  • their obligations regarding international and EU statutory requirements which concern regulation of commercial chemicals, industrial and consumer products which contain such substances, for instance Regulation 304/2003 EC concerning the export and import of dangerous chemicals

Our Tax Department provides advice on customs and excise duties for chemical products, double tax treaties about companies operating internationally, VAT and corporate tax.

Our lawyers provide representation before the National Revenue Agency and the respective courts in litigation cases.

Our IP team provides services for registration of patent before the Bulgarian Patent Office, OHIM and WIPO.

Throughout our participation in Globalaw and BWSP Legal our clients may rely on our close relations with law firms in Central and Eastern Europe as well as on our contacts in over 80 countries worldwide.

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