The new amendments and supplements of the Ordinance № RD-02-20-0 of 21 May 2012 for the functioning of the Unified System of Civil Registration (“The Ordinance”) are intended to bring it in compliance with the changes in the Civil Registration Act (“CRA”). The Ordinance regulates the activities related to civil registration and the provision of data from the electronic registers, maintained by the order of the CRA.

The changes in CRA provide for the opportunity when issuing birth certificate in the Republic of Bulgaria of a Bulgarian citizen born abroad, to add a middle name when it is missing in the foreign birth certificate. A written application from parents or other legal representatives of the Bulgarian citizen is required for this addition. The opportunity to add a middle name to already–produced birth certificates is given.

With the amendments and supplements of the E-Governence Act the requirement under the CRA, upon provision of an access and data to/from registers maintained under the CRA,

an agreement to be concluded between the parties is now abolished. From now on, access will be provided through a protocol. It will state the legal ground, the purpose of the access, the volume of data, the individuals conducting access and the commitments of the parties The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (“MRDPW”) as a controller of personal data is obliged to take the measures and means for protection of the personal data.

With view to the practical application of the Ordinance from its adoption in 2012 until now, with the changes the activities related to the civil registration should be improved. The following results are expected:

  • Improved personal data protection by MRDPW as a controller of personal data;
  • Relieved order for access to registers maintained under the CRA, of municipal administrations as part of the levels of operation of the Unified Civil Registration System as well as their obligations under the internal data exchange;
  • Improvement of the complex administrative service of the citizens by the municipal administrators.


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