Reporting working time pursuant to Article 142 of the Labor Code is one of the most popular forms for reporting working time. However, the provisions regulating it are causing plenty of discussions and practical problems. The last amendments in the Ordinance for Working Time, Rests and Leaves aim at solving some of these problems by providing clear, comprehensive and precise rules. The amendments concern the following matters:

  • Working schedules – the employer shall elaborate personal working schedules and inform the employees for these schedules. However, the time and the ways for providing this information are not regulated.
  • Standard for duration of working time – the employer shall define such standard for every period of working hours reported. He shall comply with it while elaborating schedules for the whole period.
  • Converting night hours into daily hours of work – when a shift includes at least four hours of night work the

calculation of working time shall be done after converting night hours into daily hours using the coefficient under the Ordinance for the Structure and Organization of Salaries. The employer shall take into account these hours while elaborating the schedule.

  • Leaves – the limits for duration of working hours shall be recalculated when the employee uses a leave during the reported period.
  • Calculation of salaries – the employer shall pay the full amount of the salary in case the employees work less than the norm for duration of working time due to the personal schedule. The same shall apply when the employment agreement is terminated before the reported period has expired, although all working hours under the schedule are not worked off. If the working hours at the end of the period are more that these under the norm, the employer shall report these hours as working overtime and pay for them. 

    These amendments aim at reducing working overtime, as well as establishing clarity and fair payment for the working time.

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